2022 Lenten Daily/Weekly Faith Practices

#1  Pick up and use 2022 Lenten Daily Devotional

Living Well Through Lent: Letting Go with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind is this year’s church-wide Lent devotional resource. Its paper copy is available in the narthex to pick up at no cost. If you prefer a pdf digital copy, download it here.  

One page-long daily devotion is intended to be used for your personal reflection. This offers you guidance in four interconnected dimensions of our being: heart, soul, strength, and mind. 

Bring your booklet with you to the small group meeting on Wednesdays, 4:15-5:00pm in the church. Sherian Foster facilitates the gathering where you will share your thoughts, listen, and journey together with your church friends.


#2  Pause, Observe, and Picture.

In this 40-day Lenten season, we present one word for each day and invite you to pause, reflect and share your inspiration with us through a photo. Your photo will tell us how you perceive the word of the day. No explanation needed. Photo only please. Find the list of the daily words and sign up HERE to participate. Send photo submission to secretary@lodiumc.org 


#3  Join Pastor Peace for Mid-week Study: THE SHOUT

Register now HERE for this six-session small group study meeting on Wednesdays, 5:45-6:45pm. Copies of the book The Shout: Finding the Prophetic Voice in Unexpected Places are available at no cost. This interactive, video-based curriculum focuses on a question each week rooted in the words of Isaiah 58. Participants will learn to hear God’s voice and feel the same anger and frustration that many feel when injustice prevails and the church is distant from those who suffer.

Session 1: 03/09, WHERE IS JUSTICE?
Session 2: 03/16, WHO IS YOUR FAMILY?
Session 3: 03/23, WHAT IS FREEDOM?
Session 5: 04/05, HOW MUCH IS ENOUGH?
Session 6: 04/13, HOW CAN WE BE WHOLE?


2022 Lenten Sunday Series: Gathered Up in Jesus

Lent begins this Wednesday on Ash Wednesday. The season of Lent is essential for those who truly seek to be disciples of Jesus Christ. What we learn in this time of self-examination is that we are in need. We are in need of grace, community, and transformation. We might find that what we need in order to grow in faith and discipleship and to live fully as intended by our Creator is the church and that a better world, a better community, and a better self begin with building bridges and gathering up. We hope you’ll join in with your church as we seek to be gathered up in Jesus and found in Him.