Why Our Church

We, Lodi United Methodist Church, are here for you.

Our mission is
Share the Word of God,
Show the Love of Christ,
and Spread the Joy of Faith,
dedicated to Nurturing Children/Youth and Families of all ages and stages,
through Caregiving, Education, and Outreach,
always supported with Prayer.

All are welcome here as Jesus welcomes all.

You are always welcome here!
You can be a “guest” as long as you want. We won’t pounce on you. We won’t press, prod, or pry. We promise. We’ll just be pleased to have you among us. We hope that you feel comfortable and happy to be here, and trust us enough to make a decision to be part of this community of believers.

Please check out how we live as a community of believers, in a spirit of joy and gratitude, loving God by loving and serving people – just like you!

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