Happy Spring

And A Happy "You"!

Celebrate the long-awaited spring with us!

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You Are Loved

This is what we know

God's unconditional love is being poured on every one. We see everyone as God's beloved and respond to God's love in compassion and love for others.

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A Place to Belong

You are welcome here

This is a place for your soul. We believe that God welcomes you in God's presence of overflowing joy and abiding hope.

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We Are...

Church Together.

Church is more than a building. Church is people. We are the church together. We are a community of believers.

Grow Your Faith With Us

We affirm that all people are created in the image of God. The unconditional love and grace of God is available to all. All means all. We are, therefore, to see everyone as God’s beloved and, while we may not think alike on all issues, we seek to love God, serve people, and grow in faith together.      

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