We Are United Methodists

These come to mind when it is asked who are United Methodists? 
– Faith in Action
– Faith in Everyday Life
– Personal Holiness and Social Holiness
– The Living Word of God
– Three Simple Rules: Do Good, Do No Harm, Stay in Love with God
– Connectional Church
– Open Table at Holy Communion
– Salvation: Life fulfilling and meaningful – journey of grace
– Mission: Making Disciples of Jesus for the Transformation of the World

Find more information about our mother church, United Methodist Church, and its beliefs and missions here.

Here we’d like to provide answers to common questions that you may have. Please know that you are always welcome to contact us with your questions.

  • What is a United Methodist?  A United Methodist is a Christian who is part of a global denomination called The United Methodist Church. The organizational structure is often described as “the connection.” When you participate in a United Methodist congregation, you make an impact throughout the world.
  • What do you do at your church services? United Methodists have a variety of worship styles from traditional to contemporary and beyond. You can expect readings from the Bible, preaching, singing and often Holy Communion, also called The Lord’s Supper or Eucharist. United Methodists believe that Christ hosts Holy Communion. All are welcome to participate. It is not for members only!
  • What does a United Methodist believe? United Methodists believe in actualizing their faith in community — actions speak louder than words. The three simple rules are: “Do no harm. Do good. Stay in love with God.” Some beliefs we share with other Christians are the Trinity (God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and Jesus’ birth, death and Resurrection.
  • Do United Methodists have something like a pope? No pope, no central office and no archbishop. United Methodists have a structure that in some ways parallels that of the U.S. government. The church has a General Conference, its legislative branch; a Council of Bishops, somewhat like an executive branch; and a nine-member Judicial Council, the judicial branch.
  • Do you do missionary work? What kind? United Methodists serve the world over, showing Christ’s love through tangible means. From sustainable water systems to health care, micro-lending, advocacy and helping eliminate malaria deaths, United Methodists have many ways for people to live out their faith in community. Many United Methodists are active in both local missions and global efforts.
  • What do you do with financial donations? When you give to a local United Methodist congregation, you support ministries all over the world. While the largest percentage of your gift supports local church ministries, a portion (called an “apportionment”) goes beyond the community to make a difference throughout the world.


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