Office Administrator Stephanie Krueger

I moved to Lodi in the Fall of 2015 and for the first time in my adult life I was proud to call a town I lived in ‘home’. Shortly after moving here, I asked the Lord for guidance and was led to LUMC; quickly calling it home as well. In 2016, I transferred my membership from my home church in NJ to here; later that same year my 2 children were baptized under Pastor Marge’s discipleship. Life took a few turns, but I have humbly fallen back to my roots and stand beside you all today. I very recently re-married and am loving growing into a completed family of 5. Not only am I a wife and mother, but I’m also an adult student pursuing Massage Therapy. I have honorably accepted becoming your newest Office Administrator. I bring with me a vast background, centered around the service industry. With a servants heart, I’m anxious to dive into the goodness that IS our church family and the beautiful community surrounding us here in Lodi. My hope is to provide stability and continued growth; fresh thoughts and optimistic approaches; to grow with you and offer guidance and support when needed.


PyungAhn "Peace" Kim,  Pastor

Stephanie Krueger,  Office Admin

Roxy Witzke,  Treasurer

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