“Care for God’s Creation” Recycling Program

Don’t throw bottle caps in your garbage. Collect and bring them. Our recycling program partner TerraCycle is taking any brand of¬†plastic bottle caps and promises to recycle them. More importantly, let’s use less individual plastic bottles!


When you get rid of the electronic items that you don’t use any more, let’s recycle those e-waste safely with our care for God’s creation.¬†

What ARE accepted: standard cell phones, smart phones, and iPhones. Laptops, notebooks, and iPads. Inkjet cartridges from HP and Canon printers only.

What are NOT accepted: toner cartridges, chargers of any kind, cables, headphones and headsets, and laptop charging stations and ports.

Convenient with plastic containers, right? After they are well used, when you know you won’t use them again, what do you with them? Recycle them through TerraCycle’s Rubbermaid Recycling Program.

What ARE accepted: all brands of plastic food storage containers. Please remove as much food residue as possible before you bring your recyclables.

What are NOT accepted: plastic cups or utensils.

Drop off your recyclables at church. A cart of collection bins was made by Gary Kurtz and is placed outside next to the church office door.

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PyungAhn "Peace" Kim,  Pastor

Darla Niebuhr,  Office Admin

Roxy Witzke,  Treasurer

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