Staff Openings

Current Staff Openings

Director of Children, Youth, and Family Ministry

Hours: 20 hours a week
Pay: $20-25 an hour

General Responsibilities
The director will work with pastor, parents, and the education team leaders to provide engaging experiences of learning and fellowship to all children and youth, using Safe Sanctuary guidelines and reflecting a contextual understanding of child development stages (Infant, Toddlers/Preschoolers, Early Elementary Kids, Older Elementary Kids, Junior High, and High Schoolers)

The Children, Youth and Family Ministry Director plays a major role in the faith development of all ages within the church, both as a leader and as an example. LUMC seeks a person who has
1. a solid foundation and vital practice of Christian faith;
2. a strong passion for nurturing children and youth in the Christian faith;
3. spiritual maturity and high moral and ethical conduct;
4. friendly, enthusiastic, and flexible team approach while working with children, youth, parents, and other lay volunteers;
5. good organizational, teaching, administration, technology and computer skills;

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Drop your application off at the church office (located at 130 Locust St, Lodi, WI) or email it to jobs@lodiumc.org 



Pay: $20 an hour

General Responsibilities
The Treasurer provides accurate and timely accounting of church finances in cooperation with the Committee on Finance of the church. The Treasurer demonstrates good stewardship of the resources the people have entrusted to the church in their response to God’s gifts to further the mission and ministry purposes of Lodi United Methodist Church.

1. As needed
a. Using the Church’s accounting software (Quickbooks), keep track of all disbursements, deposits, transfers, invoicing, and liabilities associated with the Chart of Accounts.
b. Prepare and cut checks for signature to pay the authorized bills of the church including payroll.
c. Process and track special or designated donations/memorials in Quickbooks tracking their implementation as the gifts are disbursed for their intended use by donors.
d. Obtain information on the Dolly’s Fund account and report it to the Wills and Memorials Committee with the approval of the Church Council and Pastor.
e. Exhibit strong integrity in the need for confidentiality regarding contributions
f. Perform additional duties as assigned
g. Maintain and renew the subscriptions associated with the email account: treasurer@lodiumc.org as the representative of the church.

2. Bi-Weekly
a. Do payroll and tax deposits

3. Monthly
a. Update Quickbooks with electronic giving records deposited in Church asset accounts for proper donor/giving documentation.
b. Reconcile and file bank statements, including the staff credit card statements.
c. Prepare and present a monthly Treasurer report to the members of the Committee on Finance with details of transactions, income & expense, cash flow projection, and balance sheet.
d. Remit to Wisconsin Annual Conference Treasurer the church’s apportionment and other designated conference/denomination benevolence funds.

4. Quarterly
a. Participate meetings of the Finance Committee and the Church Council as a non-voting member
b. Prepare and file Employer Tax forms for federal and state agencies.

5. Yearly
a. Compile the budget requests from the committees and cooperate with the Finance Committee to present the annual budget to the Church Council.
b. Prepare and mail tax and employee statements as required by law.
c. the church insurance policies and keep the Trustees informed of the filing.
d. Collaborate with Office Administrator and Pastor for annual reports to the Charge Conference and to the denomination (EZRA).
e. Coordinate the provision of information to the auditor of the church.

Skills and Qualifications
1. College degree or professional experiences in accounting or financial management expected
2. Good organization and time management skills,
3. Thorough knowledge of budgeting, accounting and financial management,
4. Ability to work with computers, financial software, and office equipment (QuickBooks, Windows Excel, One Drive, Google Sheet),
5. Ability to work with various personalities,
6. Ability to work with and maintain confidential information accurately and reliably,
7. Must pass criminal background checks.

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Drop your application off at the church office (located at 130 Locust St, Lodi, WI) or email it to Mike Beilke vice-chair of the Staff Parish Relation Committee