June Mission: Turks & Caicos Islands

Preventative Healthcare Screening

The Turks & Caicos Islands (TCI) lie at the far southeast end of the Bahamas Chain of Islands, and consist of 40 islands, 8 of which are officially inhabited. The 2 main islands of Providenciales and Grand Turk hold the majority of the country’s population, and also the majority of the healthcare opportunities for its citizens. The two largest islands (by area) of TCI, North & Middle Caicos, have a combined population of approximately 2500 people, and are the only 2 islands that are connected (by a causeway) One 24-hour on-call physician and a single rotating nurse position serve the on-island healthcare needs of its population. The purpose of this mission is to reach the underserved inhabitants of these two islands who have “fallen through the cracks” by offering free basic preventative healthcare screenings this coming fall.