Lodi UMC Guidelines for Reopening Our Building

Guidelines for Lodi United Methodist Church Reopening Our Building (Phase I)

The purpose of this guideline is to create a safe worship environment where in-person worship attendees may feel a deeper connection with their brothers/sisters of faith, and God, in a sacred place.

Starting on Sunday, June 21st, we resume Sunday morning IN-PERSON worship services at 8 and 10AM.

We reopen our church building safely and faithfully.

Our guidelines reflect our understanding of two major respiratory virus transmission pathways: contact (direct or indirect, through droplets, between people and with contaminated surfaces) and airborne inhalation for hours in a closed room.

Beyond any practical principles, grounded is our belief in what we, as one body of Christ, ought to do. We covenant to love as Jesus has loved. In the post-pandemic world, this means we put the safety of others ahead of our personal preferences and honor the most vulnerable.

To make a good decision on how you join for corporate worship on Sunday morning, please follow these guidelines:

Before you come to the church building,
• If you feel sick today, worship online with us.
• We understand you may not feel comfortable, at this point in time, returning to meet in the church building, for whatever reasons. Let’s continue to stay connected, as we have been, through other means of church communications.
Please be informed that our services will be livestreamed online at www.facebook.com/LodiUMC at 8 and 10AM (no sign-in needed. Simply click the link or type the web address.)

While you are in the church building
You feel comfortable attending in-person worship, and we hope that your worship experience in the church building is found to be safe and meaningful. As we gather for worship, let’s do so in a covenant of Christian love.
1. All doors will be open prior to and after worship service, and if weather permits, will remain open during the service to maximize air flow.
2. Upon your entrance into the church building, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
3. We expect you to wear a face covering. If you need a mask, you may pick up a mask in the entrance area.
4. Recording your attendance will be taken care of by the ushers.
5. You may sit where a sign is marked in the pew. Seats are marked for singles, doubles, and families. We measured a six-feet distance to ensure that everyone keeps a safe and comfortable distance.
6. Find a copy of the worship bulletin on each seat marked. It has lyrics, scripture passages, and information that will help you engage in worship more actively. Bibles, pew cushions, hymnals, and the other materials kept in the pews are already removed, for the time being.
7. We won’t keep you from singing, thus wearing a face mask is important for all.
8. Please place your offering in a plate in the front altar area or by the sanctuary door.
9. If contact with a surface is necessary, i.e., restroom doors, please use the sanitizing products nearby.
10. When the service is over, please exit the building, those closest to the exits first.
11. At this point in time, you are encouraged to visit with each other in the open-air parking lot after service, not in the lobby or fellowship hall. No physical contact is expected.
12. If you are in a role of serving during our worship, please follow the additional guidelines communicated to you via email and posted in your serving location.

After you come to church
• If you become ill during the week, please call the church office immediately. Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

Our commitment to church cleanliness and sanitation is stronger than ever. These procedures are currently in place.
• Cleaning and disinfecting of the pews, doorknobs, light switches, handles and restrooms, will be performed on a weekly basis.
• Hand sanitizer stations will be located outside the sanctuary and restrooms for your convenience.
• Areas not to be used will be blocked, initially Fellowship Hall and access to the lower level. If
• you need to use the nursery room, please contact the church office first.
• When you plan to schedule a church meeting again, please contact the office at 592-3480. We need to make sure the meeting space is available. We strongly encourage you to use the available cleaning kits (gloves, paper towels and disinfectant) prior to and after your meetings.

If you have any questions regarding these Phase I Guidelines, please contact Pastor Peace at 592-3480 or email at pastorpeace@lodiumc.org

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